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QUESTION OF THE WEEK @1MusicAve   3.18.2024 


When you work on music what are the two or three most important factors that come into play when deciding to put a song into rotation?


Geronimo - VP, SiriusXM BPM

Geronimo - VP, SiriusXM BPM


"The number 1 thing is that I’ve gotta feel it. It has to move me but that’s not a dealbreaker. If it’s something I’m not initially crazy about but there’s a story happening like streams are growing, the “Q” score is growing for our sister company Pandora, it’s Shazaming or DJs are crushing it, I can be convinced. I believe that flexibility makes for good programmers."

Dre Nieto - PD, SiriusXM Chill, Diplo's Revolution


"I’m a fan of something refreshing and being done in a genuine way.  There’s a lot out there that gets created based off the latest trend or covers; and it starts sounding the same. When you listen to something flipped differently or with an authentic touch you can feel it. Working with fellow curators Geronimo & Rida Naser from the SiriusXM side and Eric Hamilton/Diplo from Diplo’s Revolution helps so much going through all the music."

Dre Nieto - PD, SiriusXM Chill, Diplo's Revolution
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Rida Naser - PD  SiriusXM BPM

Rida Naser - PD  SiriusXM BPM


"I know this seems like a cliche answer, but it really is important to be different. I love hearing things I've never heard before. If we played the same sounds all the time, it would become an obvious formula and wouldn’t set anyone apart. We love to expose our audience to new sounds. Also, if it’s a song that gets stuck in people’s heads… that’s a plus too."

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Brian Fink iHeart Evolution 

Brian Fink iHeart Evolution 


First factor, and the most important, is if I think it’s a good song. I don’t care if it’s by someone with 10,000,000 followers or 10 followers; as a huge fan of dance music myself, if it’s not something that stands out to me, then that’s strike one.  If I don’t necessary think it’s the strongest song, but maybe an ok song (in my opinion), then I look at what it’s doing in the numbers and elsewhere.

Don Parker - GM,  iHeart Pride Radio

Don Parker - GM,  iHeart Pride Radio


First and foremost, does it align with the PRIDE Radio brand?  We are a bit unique in that we super-serve a very targeted audience and anything we play must fit their expectations. Beyond that, we consider metrics for songs under consideration – what’s the DSP data look like, other radio airplay, internal audience research, etc. And, of course, do we like the song and feel it will translate with our audience, given our experience and research with the audience.

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Jerry Houston - PD, iHeart Pride Radio


"For PRIDE Radio, I think we have a unique task when it comes to discussing potential songs for adds. For us, it’s about the vibe. We focus on an up-tempo blend of dance and pop, including pop remixes. It’s also important for us to weigh the relevance of a song/artist to our LGBTQ+ audience as authenticity is key to our programming philosophy."

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Jerry Houston - PD, iHeart Pride Radio
Brian Holt - PD, Audacy Channel Q



Since CHQ is a destination for the queer community and the allies who stand with us,
my first question is will they love it? I then ask myself does it inspire you to move and/or
feel the feels -- I am always looking for hits that do at least one or the other.

Brian Holt_edited.jpg
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Steve Periera  Music Choice Dance

Steve Periera -  Music Choice Dance


"There are so many factors that come into play, but I think the most important part for me is tempo and if the sound fits the channel."

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Ron Chatman - PD, KNHC - Seattle C89.5

Ron Chatman - PD, KNHC - Seattle C89.5


"I'm big on fit and texture. Are there sonic qualities that make it song undeniable? Does it fit the larger context of the radio station? Did the label get me a "radio friendly" version in a timely manner? One of my early radio jobs was as Research Director for Q93 in New Orleans back when they were owned by Insilco and they had a budget for local callout, so any research data is something I like to consider. Social media buzz? Spotify data? Is it Shazaming in my market? All things I like to consider. I also like to talk to members of my staff who all have a close connection to what's hot right now on."

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Harmony Soleil - APD/MD, KNHC - Seattle C89.5

Harmony Soleil - APD/MD, KNHC - Seattle C89.5


"I like to be excited about a track and get the sense that it will bring something new and different to our audience. I also like to know about the artist as well as the track itself. If there is a story or buzz about either that is also helpful to know about. And finally, it can really just be about a gut feeling that is pretty hard to quantify at times!"

Harmony Soleil.jpg
C895 Oval Rainbow (2).png
Brandon Anjeleno - PD, KHYZ - Las Vegas Vibe 99.7

Brandon Anjeleno - PD, KHYZ - Las Vegas Vibe 99.7


"Goosebumps. A song that moves me gets my attention quicker than anything else. 

Originality. Songs that have a unique or original quality, makes them stand out from everything else. 

A good hook. At the risk of saying something that is unpopular with underground DJs and producers, and while dance music supports more instrumentals than probably any other contemporary format, vocals are important. They humanize electronic music and add an organic quality. From a listener perspective, something that a listener can sing along to is helpful when curating electronic music for the Radio. It's all about balance and everyone loves an anthem." 

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Mike Oaks - PD, The Vibe, Internet, Energy 98

Mike Oaks - PD, The Vibe, Internet, Energy 98


"Does it fit the sound of the station?

Is the song performing in an influential market/social?

Do I like it?"

energy 98.png
Justin Dohman - MD, The Vibe, Internet, Energy 98

Justin Dohman - MD, The Vibe, Internet, Energy 98


"Streams, chart placement, is there a viral story?"

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Joel Salkowitz - PD, Internet, Pulse 87

Joel Salkowitz - PD, Internet, Pulse 87


"First….EARS!! Listen to the music. Seems obvious, No?? Is it a “song”? Is it just a “track” with some sampled vocals? Can you sing along?  Second….what else is happening (or not) with other SMART programmers. Think…. BPM, KNHC, ENERGY 98.1  Third….EARS!! Listen to the music."


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